FreeBSD Port: memcached-1.4.1

David P. Discher dpd at
Wed Dec 9 21:07:22 UTC 2009

erwin/mnag - 

$FreeBSD: ports/databases/memcached/Makefile,v 1.36 2009/11/08 19:42:13 erwin Exp $

is marked as "broken" on 8.x on Nov 8th because it won't link.  However,  just linked and tested memcached, on 8-stable (amd64) from about Dec 1st, svn r200012.  Works fine for me.

It's unclear to me if there ever was a valid linking problem.  Can one of your verify this, and remove the broken tag ?

Thanks !

David P. Discher
dpd at * AIM: bgDavidDPD

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