Depending on a Python egg

Kevin Golding kevin at
Wed Dec 9 12:54:53 UTC 2009

I'm trying to add a dependency on another port which installs as an egg
and pretty much the only like dependency I can seem to find is on
devel/py-lxml - a few ports seem to require that so it defined:


And the other ports used:


.include <>

PYLXML_EGG!=    ${MAKE} -f ${PORTSDIR}/devel/py-lxml/Makefile -V

.include <>

Now I say "defined" because just over a year ago py-lxml seemed to drop
that from it's Makefile.  The other ports still seem to be happy, but
now I can't see where the egg is defined.  Is there now some automagic
for such things?  I couldn't see anything obvious in so
I'm a little unsure the best practice for moving ahead with this.  Any
pointers greatly appreciated.


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