[patch] fix config-recursive

Dominic Fandrey kamikaze at bsdforen.de
Mon Dec 7 20:59:32 UTC 2009

Andrius Morkūnas wrote:
> Anyone who uses config-recursive more often than once a year knows that
> it's broken. Or at least they know it needs to be run multiple times until
> it doesn't show options dialog. While some people might just live with it,
> I think it should be fixed properly, and so did the person who introduced
> this target: "it sufficed to run config-recursive twice to catch all of the
> dependancies I had configured. Maybe we can figure out how to it all in one
> pass later"[1]. The "later" is now, almost 5 years after config-recursive
> was first introduced [2].

Nice work, did you PR this?

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