FreeBSD Port: php5-5.2.11_1 upgrade path to 5.3.0/1

Alex Keda admin at
Mon Dec 7 17:53:34 UTC 2009

Miroslav Lachman пишет:
> Seriously - if ports team is willing to have "legacy" versions in ports, 
> we need to discuss some rules for this work. Not just for PHP, but more 
> general. In which conditions we need/allow them, the naming conventions 
> (some ports already have more versions but names are not consistent, 
> some ports are using -dev, -devel, -current [3 different sufixes for the 
> development branch], Perl always uses p5- prefix, Python have py25-, 
> py26- etc.)
> So is it better to renumber the legacy (forked) version to 
> php52-ext_name-5.2.12 leaving php5- line for 5.3 version or do it like 
> Python (py25, py26): php52- and php53-.
It's good idea.
But, it may be very hard.
I very small know about port system (but, I maintain two or three ports 
=)), but can small help - some test, or "hands" operations (rename, & etc)

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