FreeBSD Port: php5-5.2.11_1 upgrade path to 5.3.0/1

Carsten Wiedmann carsten_sttgt at
Mon Dec 7 17:29:01 UTC 2009

Hi Alex,

>> So you don't plan to leave 5.2.x version in ports for people who need to
>> maintain servers in production with many clients and many 'old' web
>> applications?
> Like we don't have ports for php 5.0 and 5.1, I'll not maintain ports
> for 5.2 when the switchover will take place.

I don't think you can do that. 5.2 is a separate branch to 5.3 and still
maintained. And for normal customers it's not such easy as you can read in
"migration53.incompatible.php". In our own project (XAMPP), there are a lot
questions from customers about how the replace the bundled PHP5.3 with PHP5.2.

Just some points:
- Many common webapps are not working with 5.3 at this time, e.g. Drupal6.
- An other example may be Joomla. I know, 1.5.15 (core) should be compatible
with PHP5.3, but that's not completely true. Especially not for Joomla add-ons.
- And a lot of others have problems with 5.3. (and not all FreeBSD users are
full time admins ;-) )

- there are extensions which are not working with PHP5.3
- there are extensions which are more exclusive in PHP5.3 (the PECL versions
are not the same or unmaintained (e.g. sqlite3 / fileinfo)).

On the other side we need PHP5.3, because if someone need the new functions,
or is just an developer of an webapp. (if these have not gone in the
meantime to another OS).

And the ZendOptimizer is not a loss. We have APC or eAccelerator. So only
the encryption function is left. But this is still working with 5.2. And of
course, there is also no ZendOptimizer for PHP5.3 for any other OS (which is
officially support from Zend). So I guess "some" have switched.

Now the last questions:
You still need tests with the PHP5.2 patch and feedback? Or something else?


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