[HEADS UP] Experimental 3D HW accel support for Radeon HD 2xxx, 3xxx and 4xxx.

Norikatsu Shigemura nork at FreeBSD.org
Sun Dec 6 14:46:31 UTC 2009

Hi rnoland.

	Thank you.  I'll commit after 7.6.1 release, at least.

On Sun, 06 Dec 2009 07:51:22 -0600
Robert Noland <rnoland at FreeBSD.org> wrote:
> Actually, looking through the patch now... Two things jump out at me...
> We can't currently update libdrm in the ports collection without
> breaking nouveau.  The second is, don't enable libdrm_radeon, even when
> we can.  libdrm_radeon is only needed for TTM/KMS enabled radeon and may
> cause upgrade/build issues if it exists.

	OK.  I'll change libdrm_radeon is OPTIONal(default off), and
	r600_dri.so installable by libdrm_radeon exists.

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