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Dima Panov fluffy at fluffy.khv.ru
Sun Dec 6 00:22:38 UTC 2009

On Sunday 06 December 2009 06:40:22 Doug Barton wrote:
> Dima Panov wrote:
> > Doug, haw about missed feature (portupgrade had this earlier)?
> > If -r (recursive) flag present, after upgrade package repack all depended
> > on him.
> I thought more about this and realized that I'm not 100% sure what
> you're asking for. :)
> If you use -g along with -r now, all of the ports that get
> rebuilt/reinstalled will have new packages generated that contain
> their updated dependencies. So that case is handled already.
> OTOH, is what you're asking for is essentially for -r to be recursive?
> Which is to say that if you do 'portmaster -g -r fooport' and barport
> depends on fooport, you want to repackage everything that depends on
> barport as well? That would make sense if barport is upgraded to a new
> version as a side effect of 'portmaster -g -r fooport', otherwise I
> don't see the value in repackaging things that depend on barport
> because (AFAICS) the packages will not change.

Packages changed. Exactly, changed list of @pkgdep to new revisions,
and if I try install not repacked package to a clean machine from prepared package 
repository, it will pick up OLD dependency rather than new, cause contains old 
dependencies list.

So recursive package update should be expanded as "rebuild depended packages, which 
upgraded too, AND repack all rest depended tree" to get ${PACKAGES}/All repository in 

> If I'm missing something or you're asking for something different,
> please let me know.
> Doug

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