FreeBSD Port: transcode-1.1.5

Sven Göttner post at
Sat Dec 5 12:53:06 UTC 2009

	Dear FBSD-Maintainer of transcode,

I recently updated trascode via ports to version 1.1.5 (on FBSD
7.1-RELEASE-p8) and suddenly dvd::rip stopped to work properly,
since the video data stream could not be extracted from vob files.

After examining the output of dvd::rip's internally used shell commands
in an xterm, I found the reason for its misbehaviour to be missing MPEG2
support in transcode, as transcode states:

[decode_mpeg2.c] critical: No support for MPEG2 configured --exiting

This happened although the "enable libmpeg2 support" option in the
graphical configure dialog of the transcode port has been activated.

Googling brought the solution:

Following the advise in the above mentioned post (adding
--enable-libmpeg2convert to transcodes configure options in Makefile
manually) and recompiling transcode solved the problem.

So it seems to me, that transcode only works as expected with vob
files, if both configure options regarding libmpeg2 are included in the
Makefile of transcode:


The modified Makefile is attached.

Maybe this should be updated and committed to the ports tree?



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