nvidia-driver 64bit version

Sean C. Farley scf at FreeBSD.org
Fri Dec 4 18:52:28 UTC 2009

On Fri, 4 Dec 2009, Robert Noland wrote:


> I've never actually used the blob, but is the new driver only amd64? 
> I presume that it does need at least 8.0-RELEASE to work, but I can't 
> imagine that the underlying code would be different for i386/amd64. 
> i.e. the new driver *should* be better on both i386 and amd64, at 
> least if they have compiled an i386 version.

My understanding is that the blob is the same on all platforms.  The 
driver may be the same (or close).  The package is different.  While 
both ship with Linux x86 libraries, they contain only the FreeBSD 
libraries specific to the platform (amd64 or i386).

> I do still wish that nvidia would join the rest of the modern world 
> and decide to release docs and code like every other vendor, but that 
> is a different debate I suppose.

I concur, yet I am very happy at the moment to see them support FreeBSD 

scf at FreeBSD.org

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