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Fri Dec 4 09:56:47 UTC 2009

on 04/12/2009 10:58 Dirk Meyer said the following:
> Andriy Gapon schrieb:,
>> What is the purpose of installing from gnustep-objc in the case when
>> GNUSTEP_WITH_BASE_GCC is defined?
>> Is /usr/lib/ somehow not suitable?
>> Esp. given that all stable and "old-stable" versions of FreeBSD have GCC 4.2.
>> Am I missing something?
> There are FreeBSD releases which did not have a shared libobjc.
> or the shared object is unuseable.

Do we still support ports on any of those releases?
If yes, then perhaps we can add a check for those, presumably old, releases.
I think there is no need to impose gnustep-objc on newer, good releases.

> Especially support for non i386 was broken.

gnustep-objc is not perfect in that respect too:
NOT_FOR_ARCHS=  ia64 amd64

> For example:
> The port builds a tested version of which is needed
> to build gnsutep ports.

Judging by information at the end of the following post, it seems that
gnustep-objc is some rather dated code and needed only in non-mainstream situations:

> There are still a few ports which do not build with the base gcc yet.
> This could be fixed in time.
> You can build it by setting in /etc/make.conf

Did you mean I can avoid gnustep-objc with these settings?

> But gcc will be replaced in base, so I do put not very much effort in
> fixing the base stuff.

I don't think that this will happen any time soon.
Anyway, what are problems are there with base gcc with respect to objc?
I mean, this part must be identical to what is in upstream gcc (of the same

My main point is that currently it's not possible to use GNUSTEP_WITH_BASE_GCC
on recent FreeBSD releases for e.g. amd64.  Because GNUSTEP_WITH_BASE_GCC
injects a gnustep-objc dependency and gnustep-objc doesn't build on amd64.
OTOH, everything is OK without GNUSTEP_WITH_BASE_GCC as well as with explicit
GNUSTEP_WITH_GCC42.  But why do I have to install another gcc 4.2.X from ports
when base gcc is also 4.2?

Most probably I still do miss something important.

Andriy Gapon

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