What's going on at Opera ? or is it only me ?

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Fri Dec 4 05:49:19 UTC 2009

Claude Buisson wrote:
> 2) Today, I installed Opera 10.10 on a FreeBSD 7.2 system, and now the IPv6
> connectivity is lost !!
> On the same system:
> Opera show me the "Network problem" screen, saying that
> http://ipv6.google.com/
> in unavailable, and
> Firefox connects perfectly to http://ipv6.google.com/
> So, am I a perfect idiot, or Opera is unable to produce a working
> browser (at
> least for FreeBSD) ?

I can't comment intelligently about the library issues, but inre the
IPv6 problems there are reports on another (non-FreeBSD) list that
Opera is having problems in this area. It's not 100% clear what the
problems were, although they seem to have been related to how Opera
was preferring Teredo even when better options were available. It's
also not 100% clear to me what the "fix" applied to the latest version
was, although the rumor is that they simply changed it to prefer IPv4.

Sorry to reply with sketchy information, but I wanted you to know that
you were not alone. :)



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