sshd on FBSD 8.0-RC2/3

Peter Beckman beckman at
Thu Dec 3 16:50:39 UTC 2009

On Thu, 3 Dec 2009, Dmitry Pryanishnikov wrote:

> Hello!
>>   While unfortunate, I understand why.  I think FreeBSD should encourage
>>   people who use OpenSSL for anything (ssh, etc) that they install OpenSSL
>>   via ports, set WITH_OPENSSL_PORT=YES and recompile apps/ports that use 
>> it.
>  I agree, it's much simpler (IMHO) to upgrade OpenSSL installed from port 
> than to patch one in base. Just be aware that bugs can be met with on this 
> path - just like ports/138466 (affects www/apache22 built 
> WITH_OPENSSL_PORT=yes). It is critical to make sure that right runtime 
> libraries (those from /usr/local/lib, not from the base) are used by _every_ 
> application built WITH_OPENSSL_PORT=YES - and it's not always true ;(

  Agreed.  I ran into this problem, I had an old ENV var LD_LIBRARY_PATH in
  one of my .tcshrc scripts that caused lighttpd to compile with the libssl
  from base but the libcrypto from the port.  Running make, then confirming
  your binary/binaries are linked correctly to the right libraries using
  'ldd' is recommended to confirm what you expect.

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