php5 segfault with mhash, gearman or memcached module enabled

Bert-Jan info at
Thu Dec 3 14:41:39 UTC 2009


For a few days now the daily security reports showed I needed to update 
my php5-gd extension (among a few others) because of vulnerabilities.
This morning I had some time for that and did that, with the following 
#cd /usr/ports
#make update
#portmanager graphics/php5-gd

It seemed to work fine but the shit had just hit the fan. PHP started 
segfaulting. Googling around hinted that the order of the inclusion of 
extension can be tricky to get right. It was already right but I dug in 
anyway. Quite soon I found that having any of the modules in the subject 
enabled causes the segfault.

Obviously I updated those extensions too but to no avail. I had (still 
have) no idea what to do so I had portmanager -u upgrade everything. 
Several hours later it's done but the segfault remains...

Please help, I don't know what do..

- Bert-Jan

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