libvisual and libvisual04

Robert McKenzie vk7rb at
Thu Dec 3 03:07:12 UTC 2009


The reason for this email is that I have had trouble compiling gmerlin 
and after much thought and searching found that both libvisual and 
libvisual04 were installed with gmerlin picking up libvisual rather than 
libvisual04 which it needed and as a result failed to build.

I know that it is not directly related to libvisual or libvisual04 but I 
am wondering if libvisual and libvisual04 should be noted as conflicting 
even though they install into different directories because once I 
remove libvisual, gmerlin compiled without problems.

It would appear that libvisual is no longer needed and should be 
replaced by libvisual04 rather than being allowed to coexist.

With respect to the other matter arising, I will address those as 
appropriate with the maintainers for those ports.

Robert McKenzie.

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