[RFC] PHP 5.3

Gergely CZUCZY phoemix at harmless.hu
Wed Dec 2 14:10:37 UTC 2009

On Wed, 02 Dec 2009 14:52:35 +0100
Alex Dupre <ale at FreeBSD.org> wrote:

> Gergely CZUCZY ha scritto:
> >> Oh come on. Security-wise you shouldn't hold php at all. It's about
> >> backwards incompatibility, not about security.
> PHP 5.3 is not more incompatible with 5.2 than 5.2 was with 5.1 (and
> 5.1 with 5.0). 5.2 branch will be dropped in near future, so I'm not
> going to maintain 80 (eighty) additional ports just for fun. I can
> delay a little more (a few weeks), but eventually it'll happen.
> My original message has to be intended as a call for tester.

Actually I've run into this at zabbix, the guys were talking about the
php5.3 unsupportedness. It turned out that there are such changes into
the OOP part of the language that make code for 5.2 errorenous with
5.3, and requires application developers to update their code.

Apart from this project, there are tons of people running code with
pre-5.3 and in the commercial sector it might take a long way to update
all the codes to php5.3. Such a forced update (by removing the 5.2
code) can be especially dangerous in mission-critical applications
(let's not talk about people using php for this propose), and I think
there are actually quite a lot of people running php under freebsd.

So a way would be more than prefered in my opinion to keep php52 in
ports for a while, along with 5.3 to give time for these people to
update and test their code with 5.3. A forced update is not nice and
has lots of risk. People are using freebsd for its stability and stable
way of development, ports, whatever, and by forcing everyone to upgrade
to 5.3 would losing such a point of the whole OS.

Gergely CZUCZY
Harmless Digital Bt


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