[RFC] PHP 5.3

Thomas Sandford freebsduser at paradisegreen.co.uk
Wed Dec 2 09:56:43 UTC 2009

Dmitry Pryanishnikov wrote:
> Alex Dupre wrote:
>> Update instructions (choose one of them):
>> 1) remove all php ports and all ports that depends on php,
>>    then reinstall your the php applications
>> 2) deinstall the removed ports,
>>    then upgrade recursively the lang/php5 port
>> To apply the patch (to a fresh ports tree):
>> cd /usr/ports && patch -p0 -E ~/php53.diff
>> Note: Zend decided to not support FreeBSD anymore, so a new
>> ZendOptimizer release for php 5.3 will never be released.
>   Hmm... Wouldn't then be better to keep PHP 5.2 available in ports 
> (e.g. lang/php52)? Not only for the sake of FreeBSD-based WEB-servers 
> with ZendOptimizer port installed - I suspect there could be other 
> reasons to stay with PHP 5.2 while it's still available...

Another plea to retain 5.2.X as a separate port.

5.3 is really a major version upgrade, even if they didn't decide to 
call it 6.X

Thomas Sandford

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