Corruption/artifacts in GTK applications after update

Mark Kane mark at
Tue Dec 1 19:24:55 UTC 2009


Yesterday I updated all ports on my system which had quite a few changes
since my last update on November 14. After everything is up to date I
am noticing graphical corruption/artifacts in some GTK applications.
Here are a few examples:

1) Terminal (x11/Terminal): When switching tabs in Terminal, the area
where the terminal text is normally displayed becomes corrupted. If the
window is not maximized, it looks like this after switching tabs:

If the window is maximized when switching tabs, the entire area where
the text normally is becomes blank:

The text returns to normal by highlighting the entire text area of the
terminal, however the issue happens again every time a tab is switched.

I am using ROXTerm temporarily which does not have this issue.

2) Claws Mail: When composing a message, parts of the composition
window are black. Here is an example:

It can somewhat be fixed by mousing over the black area, however it
doesn't fully display the window like normal:

3) gLabels: When trying to create a new label, the window has some
artifacts similar to the non-maximized Terminal window:

I also noticed some minor issues with GIMP (parts of the top menu
sometimes have slight artifacts) and XChat (seems to reappear slower
than normal when switching from other applications), but I couldn't
reproduce or confirm those reliably so I'm only briefly mentioning it.

My ports are completely up to date as of the time of this email, and I
use Xfce as my desktop environment.

Thanks very much in advance for any suggestions,

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