Gnucash-2.2.7_2 - 7.2 - Core dump

Guido Falsi mad at
Tue Apr 14 10:06:42 UTC 2009

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 12:45:30PM +0200, Guido Falsi wrote:
>> Any clue ?
> I'm having the same problem both with 7.2 and 8. It crashes when opening  
> any account page, I think the problem is the glib update to 2.20, or  
> perhaps the gtk. Gnucash already had this kind of problem in the past.

After finding this:

which looks exactly like our problem, I noticed a newer version of
gnucash was also available, incorporating a fix. I filed this PR:

I hope the port maintainer will look at it in a few days at most, I
think this is an update we would like to have before 7.2, since the port
is broken otherwise.

Is this possible? Is there anything I can do to speed things up?

Guido Falsi <mad at>

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