teTeX/TeXLive: powerdot still missing ...

O. Hartmann ohartman at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Sep 18 14:24:14 UTC 2008

Still using teTeX, but as we all know, development has been canceld by 
Thomas Esser. I'm looking for a working 'powerdot' which is part of 
TeXLive now, but there is no TeXLive-port available for FreeBSD. 
Searching for that matter brings up some informations released a year 
ago and I'm wondering about the fact that there is no support for FreeBSD.
Is there a workaround or 'master plan' how to bring TeXLive to a FreeBSD 
bx in a clean way? Can TeXLive coexists with teTeX.

Thank you very much for your patience ...


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