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Dmitry Marakasov amdmi3 at amdmi3.ru
Sat Sep 13 12:54:17 UTC 2008

* Chris H (chris#@1command.com) wrote:

> Yes. I tried that already. But didn't have the effect I was striving
> for - duplicate the /current/ PHP install, but changing php/ to php5/
> and simply adding php5/ to the bin path (bin/php5). Although your
> first suggestion might be ideal for a jail.
For jail there's DESTDIR. PREFIX is exactly for keeping conflicting
apps along with each other. And I don't actually understand why you
need to scatter php5 files in all subdirs, while you could have
them in one directory with canonical hierarchy.
You'll have to modify $PATH and posibly other stuff in both cases,
so there's no difference in usability.

>> If you specifically want bin/php5, etc/php5 etc. you'll have to
>> hack much more stuff. At least, you'll need to add
>> --bindir=${PREFIX}/bin/php5 --libdir=${PREFIX}/lib/php5 (etc. for other
>> dirs, see php's `configure --help`) to CONFIGURE_ARGS to make php5
>> actually install file into those locations, and most likely other hacks
>> will be needed.
> OK. That's the layout I had hoped to achieve. So looks like I'll be
> cobbling up some (e)grep(1) | find(1) | sed(1) scripts to best accomplish
As I've said, providing --*lib args to configure should be enough to
install files to nondefault locations, but there's chance that there are
some assumptions regarding directory hierarchy inside php you'll need to
change as well. That's usually done with ${REINPLACE_CMD} (which is sed)
or patches.
> this. I was hoping a simple tweak in the portinstall/*.bsd.mk might be
> available.
That would be impossible, as no software is intended for such
nonstandart install, and build systems other than configure don't even
provide ways to specify bin/etc/lib dirs.

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