FreeBSD Port: smarty-2.6.20

Juergen Ernst Guenther jeg at
Fri Oct 31 03:07:45 PDT 2008


upgrading the Smarty port from Smarty-2.6.18 to Smarty-2.6.20
has changed as well the MD5/SHA256 checksum for


from 357510250885aab057853949e35845c7 (MD5)
to   5123152dd248898a84b96b806f551e78 (MD5)

although the file I get is obviously the same.

Therefore at my site Smarty cannot longer be installed
because of:

    ===>  Extracting for smarty-2.6.20
    => MD5 Checksum OK for Smarty-2.6.20.tar.gz.
    => SHA256 Checksum OK for Smarty-2.6.20.tar.gz.
    => MD5 Checksum mismatch for Smarty-2.6.14-docs.tar.gz.
    => SHA256 Checksum mismatch for Smarty-2.6.14-docs.tar.gz.
    ** Listing the failed packages (*:skipped / !:failed)
	    ! www/smarty    (checksum mismatch)

How can I make it work?

  kind regards,

    Juergen Ernst Guenther

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