ports missing their packages.

FBSD1 fbsd1 at a1poweruser.com
Wed Oct 29 08:08:53 UTC 2008

It's my understanding that a port maintainer has to install the port for
real any time a change is made to the port make files or a update to the
source of the software to test and verify the changes work as wanted.
Creating the package after this is just one command and a ftp upload to the
package server. Why are maintainers being given approval to apply their
changes without creating the required package? This is just lax management
on the part of the people who do the authorizing of the changes. Missing
packages increases user frustration level and makes FreeBSD look like its
being mis-managed.

An alternate solution to this problem is to allow users to upload missing
packages to the package server direct or to a staging ftp server so port/pkg
management staff can review first and them populate the production package

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