INDEX build failed for 6.x

Erwin Lansing erwin at
Tue Oct 28 09:47:19 UTC 2008

INDEX build failed with errors:
Generating INDEX-6 - please wait..pkg_info: not found
pkg_info: not found
pkg_info: not found
pkg_info: not found
make_index: ja-jvim-wnn7-3.0.j2.1a_3: no entry for /usr/ports/japanese/onew-wnn7
make_index: ja-jvim-canna+wnn6-3.0.j2.1a_3: no entry for /usr/ports/japanese/onew-canna+wnn6
make_index: ja-jvim-wnn6-3.0.j2.1a_3: no entry for /usr/ports/japanese/onew-wnn6
make_index: ja-jvim-canna+wnn7-3.0.j2.1a_3: no entry for /usr/ports/japanese/onew-canna+wnn7

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amdmi3 bsam danfe erwin fjoe flz hrs jadawin johans knu lbr lev makc marcus mezz mm skv sobomax stefan tabthorpe thierry wxs 

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