Call for comments - pkg_trans

martinko gamato at
Mon Oct 27 19:10:29 UTC 2008

Miroslav Lachman wrote:
> Doug Barton wrote:
>> Norberto Meijome wrote:
> [...]
>>> And since we are just wishing for things, It'd be nice to have an
>>> opportunity to back off from a install/remove after calculating
>>> dependencies, such as that provided by yum (it shows everything it
>>> will do and asks for confirmation before proceeding. )
>> portmaster has the --show-work option that gives you output like this:
>> ===>>> Port directory: /usr/ports/sysutils/fusefs-ntfs
>> ===>>> Starting check for all dependencies
>> ===>>> Gathering dependency list for sysutils/fusefs-ntfs from ports
>> ===>>> Installed archivers/unzip
>> ===>>> Installed converters/libiconv
>> ===>>> Installed devel/gmake
>> ===>>> Installed devel/libtool15
>> ===>>> NOT INSTALLED        devel/libublio
>> ===>>> Installed devel/pkg-config
>> ===>>> NOT INSTALLED        lang/ruby18
>> ===>>> NOT INSTALLED        sysutils/fusefs-kmod
>> ===>>> NOT INSTALLED        sysutils/fusefs-libs
>> ===>>> NOT INSTALLED        textproc/ruby-deplate
>> Is that what you had in mind? That is currently a separate operation 
>> because for ports with a lot of dependencies it can take a long time 
>> to build the list. But I suppose that if there is interest I could 
>> create a new mode of operation to do that check first, then confirm 
>> with the user that they want to proceed.
> Yes, it would be useful to me. Sometimes old ports comes with new 
> default options and brings new dependencies which I do not want to have 
> installed with update / upgrade of port, but it is not easy to track 
> these changes. If portmaster will have option to firstly show above info 
> about dependencies and wait for confirmation, I will use this feature. 
> Maybe in combination with some advanced logic: if all dependencies are 
> installed, continue without confirmation, if some dependency is missing, 
> wait for my confirmation.
> What you think about it?

Yes, this would definitely be very useful!

BTW, I have a question (and a wish;)) -- if I specify multiple ports to 
install and portmaster fails to resolve some of them it aborts.  I wish 
it would go on and install whatever ports it could resolve.

More background -- I have a list of ports I always install.  Using a 
little script I concatenate this list and pass it to portupgrade or 
portmaster after fresh system install.  Now if there's a port which for 
instance was moved portupgrade will skip it and install everything else. 
  portmaster, on the other hand, would simply fail. :-(

With regards,


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