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Fri Oct 24 21:25:37 UTC 2008

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Niclas Zeising wrote:
> Eitan Adler wrote:
>> Eitan Adler wrote:
>>> Attached is the Makefile.
>>> I think it is possible to do "make install clean" on this port which
>>> should be in x11/xorg-lite and use "startx" to run X.
>>> Once people confirm/test this I'll submit a new port pr.
>> I updated the Makefile to conform with portlint's whining.
> This is good work, just one thing. Since xorg-drivers is options-ified,
> it just might be better to depend on that instead of just bringing in a
> couple of drivers to get things going. This allows people to get the
> drivers they want instead, even though it's the lite package.
> Just my .02 SEK
> As a side note I also think you should add a "conflict with" to point to
> the regular xorg package. Compare with gnome and gnome-lite.
I think you meant this to go to the mailing list - so I CCed my reply.

I think I'll do that instead.  I'll submit the next version as a PR.
> Otherwise, good work!
> Regards!
> Niclas

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