FreeBSD Port: gtkyahoo-0.18.3_4

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Fri Oct 24 14:26:13 UTC 2008

I installed the package of pidgin and it install pidgin 2.2.2. Even though
pidgin-2.5.2 is in the ports system the package in out of date.  Can the
package be updated for 7.1 release?

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> I installed the package of this port.
> Did a rehash from the command line and then startx.
> Can't find it in the gnome desktop.
> What should I do?

The sourceforge page for this project says "GTKyahoo project was
closed down on February 27, 2003."
You may have a much easier time installing something that is being
currently maintained. I believe net-im/pidgin is quite popular and
is actively maintained. Pidgin is a messenger client, and it can
handle quite a few protocols, including yahoo.

Cheers, Tim.

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