Concern about using pkg_delete -r

Josh Rickmar joshua_rickmar at
Fri Oct 24 01:35:59 UTC 2008

I'm hoping that this list covers port tools as well as the usual
discussions about the actual ports.  If not, please CC this to the proper

I want to use pkg_delete to remove an installed port, but also want to
remove its orphaned dependencies along with it.  After looking at the
pkg_delete(1) man page, the -r flag seems to be the option to use for this
job.  My concern, though, is about the wording:

> In addition to specified packages, delete all
> packages that depend on those packages as well.

Does this mean that if I pkg_delete -r pkgA, than pkgB (a dependency) will
be removed with it, even though it is dependency of pkgC?  Or is
pkg_delete (or pkg_deinstall) smart enough to understand this dependency
and keep pkgB installed?

If in this scenario pkgB would be deleted, should an extra warning be
added to the man page so that users know that using this flag could
potentially break their other ports?

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