speed up ports install

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at math.missouri.edu
Sun Oct 19 16:20:43 UTC 2008

Eitan Adler wrote:
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> I have a simple idea to make use the threads without any possibility of
> conflicts.  I am sure there will be someone to point out a negative, but
> I don't see any.
> When you do "make install" launch a "make fetch-recursive" thread at the
> same time.  That way you don't need to wait for the files to
> install->fetch the next one->install it->fetch the next one...
> For those who don't want that you could get the old behavior with "make
> onlyinstall".  I currently do this with a "make" wrapper script and I
> find installation to be faster.

I quite often so this also.  But I do find I have to watch it, because 
sometimes the two make threads try to download the files at the same 
time.  And that tends to screw things up.

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