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Peter Jeremy wrote:
> On 2008-Oct-17 10:32:41 -0400, Eitan Adler <eitanadlerlist at gmail.com>
>> Here is the list I generated from pkg_info when I was first able to run
>> the X server. If anyone is able to run "startx" with fewer ports please
>> let me know.
> You should be able to get by without any gnome baggage.
What gnome baggage?  Specifically what do I have to depend on/not depend
on to avoid that stuff?
>> How can I handle the video drivers?  Not all systems need all drivers.
>> I don't want to depend on xorg-drivers, however you can't get X to start
>> without a video driver.  Can some kind of check be done in the Makefile?
> Unless you actually install all the drivers, go through the
> configuration process to work out which ones to use and then uninstall
> the rest, the best you could probably do is to run pciconf and use a
> config file to map PCI IDs to potential video drivers.  Some things to
> keep in mind with this approach are:
Could this method affect the package building?
> - pciconf has to run as root and so has to be inside the su part.
I assume that all port installs are run as root.
> - Some video cards have different potential drivers (eg Intel, nVIDIA).
True.  This would probably be the "light" version so nvidia with map to
- -xv instead of x11/nvidia-driver.
> - People may have multiple, different video cards present.
True.  I'll keep this in mind.
> - Several drivers are virtual (eg dummy, fbdev)
They are not needed to start X or they are not direct dependencies as
far as I know.

I just noticed that x11/xorg-drivers is "optioned" so I'll probably use
that approach while I get the pciconf part working.

If anyone knows of a script that does the pciconf->driver work please
let me know.

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