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Olivier SMEDTS olivier at gid0.org
Fri Oct 17 22:10:55 UTC 2008

On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 02:53:37PM -0400, Eitan Adler wrote:
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> Olivier SMEDTS wrote:
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> >> I don't think dbus, dmidecode, hal, gamin, consolekit, docbook,
> >> gnome_subr, policykit and so on have anything to do with an
> >> "xorg-minimal". You also did not remove the various build
> >> dependencies. You can clearly have a more minimal Xorg install.
> I actually installed xorg-server with mostly defaults for "make
> config-recursive".  When I did change the defaults I always made it more
> minimal when possible.
> I can provide a "pkg_tree -v" or a "pkg_tree -qt" if you would like to
> see the dependency tree.

I think "WITHOUT_HAL=yes" and "WITHOUT_DBUS=yes" is a minimum, it would remove
big dependencies : dbus, hal, gamin, consolekit and policykit at least.

I'll test in a jail to provide you a package tree.


> If you can provide the "pkg_tree -qt" (pkg_tree is in ports) for a more
> minimal xorg install to me I would like to see it.
> I am working on creating a meta package now and I'll post it soon for
> testing.
> > 
> >> But thank you for this list, now I know at least someone managed to
> >> get modular Xorg without 200 installed ports :)
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