Xorg - minimal

Carlos A. M. dos Santos unixmania at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 01:13:24 UTC 2008

On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 9:22 PM, Eitan Adler <eitanadlerlist at gmail.com> wrote:
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> I think there should be a port that just depends on the required parts
> of X:  x11-servers/xorg-server X11/xinit X11/xauth and the required
> fonts.  I would be happy to narrow down the specific ports if necessary.
>   I personally feel that x11/xorg contains way way to much, while just
> installing x11-servers/xorg-server isn't enough to get the server started.
> Anyone agree?  Anyone attempt this before?  Should I submit a new
> "xorg-lite" port?

I agree. In fact I never install the "xorg" port. I would also happily
get rid of the ubiquous bitstream-vera font in favour of DejaVu.

cd /usr/ports/sysutils/life
make clean

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