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On Thu, 16 Oct 2008 05:17:47 -0000, Desmond Chapman
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> It's dependent upon kbuild. Since the developers have no intention of  
> fixing the issue, I would like a tutorial on converting the kmk file to  
> a normal Makefile.

I think you are barking at the wrong tree. :-) I don't think the issue is  
in kBuild. It looks like an issue is in devel/kbuild/Makefile in the  
do-install target part.

	(cd ${WRKSRC}/out/freebsd.${MACHINE_ARCH}/release${PREFIX}/bin &&  

/bin/sh -c '(/usr/bin/find -d $0 $2 | /usr/bin/cpio -dumpl $1 >/dev/null  
2>&1) &&  /usr/sbin/chown -R root:wheel $1 &&  /usr/bin/find $1 -type d  
-exec chmod 755 {} \; &&  /usr/bin/find $1 -type f -exec chmod 555 {} \;'  

So.. See that $1, it is ${PREFIX}/bin. It's a bug. The COPYTREE_BIN can't  
have ${PREFIX}/bin. I suggest you to not use COPYTREE_BIN, so do the  
different method should solve kbuild ports problem. I personal haven't use  
COPYTREE_* before, so possible misuse COPYTREE_BIN or just can't have  
${PREFIX}/bin (uncheck in

BTW: Add CC'ing to freebsd-ports@ to make its search useful.


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