FreeBSD Port: mercurial-1.0.2

Stanislav Sedov stas at
Sun Oct 12 21:02:58 UTC 2008

On Sun, 05 Oct 2008 10:08:43 +0700
John Francis Lee <jfl at> mentioned:

> Hi Roberto,
> I have
>   Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 1.0.1)
> installed on my FreeBSD host at and it seems to be working ok.
> But I am having trouble with the webinterface
>   http:/
> I guess my problems are due to files not being where expected. I can't 
> find the mercurial files on FreeBSD. The tutorials I read all assume 
> linux or windows underneath the mercurial and I'm guessing that that is 
> my problem.
> How can I discover the directory structure for my mercurial installation?
> How should I update the port of mercurial to the FreeBSD operating system?

What file paths are speaking of? Hgweb CGI scripts contains a hardcoded
path to the repository so you should tweak it to match you installation.
Try looking into hgweb.cgi and it should be clear what to fix. By default
it contains a dummy path.

If you are using a hgwebdir version you should create a config file
(there're a plenty of examples in documentation) and put it near the
cgi scripts itself.

Stanislav Sedov
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