It is illogical layout of ports

Dmitry Marakasov amdmi3 at
Sat Oct 11 14:24:58 UTC 2008

As I've said in a followup to the PR:

Those are not illogical. I'd say, sometimes inconsistent, but not
illogical for sure.

> 1.
> misc/k3b-i18n
> www/firefox-i18n
> mail/thunderbird-i18n
Why's those illogical? Where would you place them?

misc/k3b -> misc/k3b-i18n
www/firefox -> www/firefox-i18n
mail/thunderbird -> mail/thunderbird-i18n

Since we don't have i18n category, those are nowhere better to place
to. What I find inconsistent however, is:

uk-aspell: /usr/ports/ukrainian/aspell
vi-aspell: /usr/ports/vietnamese/aspell
, but
yi-aspell: /usr/ports/textproc/yi-aspell
zu-aspell: /usr/ports/textproc/zu-aspell

Still, I don't see better solution.

> 2.
> multimedia/xmms-skins
> x11-themes/audacious-skins
> multimedia/smplayer-themes
${PORTNAME}-(skins|themes) logically belongs to both ${PORTNAME}'s
category and x11-themes.

Arguments for the former:
- Be where it's parent reside. So `ls | grep xmms` will show both xmms
  and all relevant skins/plugins/addons/mods/whatever (that's very weak
  argument actually, as audio format plugins already belong to audio,
  video format plugins belong to multimedia/, network plugins belong to
  net/ etc.)
- x11-themes feels more likely for x11 wm or x11 toolkits themes.
Arguments for the latter:
- ${PORTNAME}'s category is not polluted. Say, xmms-skins have nothing
  to do with multimedia actually. 
- All skins are in the same place. And you can ls x11-themes/ | gerp
  bluecurve to find matchign themes for different apps/toolkits/wm's.

I'd say I'm for the latter, as both arguments for the former are pretty
weak. Though I'm used to have mplayer-skins beside mplayer.

> 3.
> x11/gsynaptics
> sysutils/ksynaptics
Here I agree. Inconsistency again, but ?synaptics belong both to x11 and

> 4.
> net-im/echat (irc/echat?)
It's some kind of broadcast LAN chat, not irc. Doesn't quite feels like
IM for me as well, as I associate IM with user-to-user chat like ICQ
or Jabber. Althrough it fits well into Wikipedia's definition of IM:

"Instant messaging (IM) is a form of real-time communication between two
or more people based on typed text. The text is conveyed via computers
connected over a network such as the Internet."


As you can see, all those are located in pretty logical places (at
least without apparently more suitable places), althrough some
subjects may belong to different categories at once.
Anyway, I don't think it's good idea to move ports around - specific
port will still reside in single category of multiple it probably
logically belongs to, so it'll only produce useless noise without
any gain.

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