Michel Talon talon at
Thu Oct 9 12:28:43 UTC 2008

Trying to encode with mencoder and the xvid codec(*), i discovered that it
is awfully slow (around 3 frames/s on my P4 machine). So i played a
little bit with the options in the Makefile without any success. Finally
i understood that the cause was that the build system requires nasm, but
doesn't use it! There are several assembly files in the xvid codec which
are not used due to that. The solution i have found by looking at the
configure script is to install the yasm port. Then the build system
picks the yasm dependency and compiles the assembly files, which enables 
SSE instructions. The net result is that, without any other tweak, i now
encode the same stuff at 11 frames/s. 

So to be short, multimedia/xvid should require a dependency on yasm.

(*) in find that the end result is better (less artifacts at the same 
bitrate) with xvid than with lavc.


Michel TALON

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