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Philip M. Gollucci pgollucci at
Mon Oct 6 18:03:45 UTC 2008

Albert Shih wrote:
>> Before I submit a PR and get it added into svn, I want to see if I can

>> Also, I stripped out the MULTIPLE_INSTANCES support, mainly because I
Yeah, me too, the first committed version will not have this.

>> don't use it and needed to get rt38 up and running as quickly as
>> possible. As time permits, I will add it back it, but its not as
>> simple as it seems because, mainly because the patches no longer
>> cleanly apply.

Yes, I intended to get my 'ass' back in gear and commit this tonight or 
Tuesday.  I'll review both shars and see if there is anything I need to 
merge between the 2.

> I don't known why it's not in the port-tree. Maybe some other task to do.
Yeah, $work, traveling, and sick

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