My interactive version of pkg_add

Michel Talon talon at
Thu Oct 2 12:36:51 UTC 2008

Marcin Wisnicki wrote:

> Unless I'm missing something there needs to be a MOVED file or ideally
> something like it that has pkgnames (with versions) for a binary
> package update tool to work.

First, congratulations to Marin Atanasov for having completed his
program! As far as i understand, Marin's goal was simpler that an
upgrade tool for binary packages, it was simply an install tool,
allowing to choose interactively on various repositories. I think this
goal is fulfilled and is useful. 

For upgrading, the situation is vastly more complicated, indeed one
needs to read MOVED and use information here, in particular follow the
name changes of ports. For example you may have a port whose proper
upgrade has a different name, etc. or ports have disappeared, etc.
I am not even sure that a completely bullet proof system can be written
within the limits of the present FreeBSD ports system. 

I am quite sure that one of the keys of Marcin's success is having
limited his aims. Similarly the excellent portmaster tool for upgrading
owes its success to strict limitation to upgrade from source, using the
available preexisting pkg_* tools - plus a lot of polishing.


Michel TALON

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