My interactive version of pkg_add - finished!

Marin Atanasov dnaeon at
Wed Oct 1 13:24:17 UTC 2008

Hi, again! :)

I've finished the new version of the program. I decided to name it `sit' 
- Simple Interactive Tool

`sit' now supports the following:
-- improved code for dynamic memory allocation
-- local package pattern search
-- remote (ftp) package pattern search
-- command line arguments to specify a local or remote installation
-- uses some env variables like PACKAGEROOT, OSRELEASE and MACHTYPE to 
determite which package and from where to be installed

The remote/ftp package pattern search is done by searching the INDEX 
file for a pattern and extracting the needed information from it. The 
program uses a default values for these environment variables if they 
have not been set:

-- MACHTYPE = i386
-- OSRELEASE = 8-current

It doesn't have any requirements, so it should build and run on any 
system that has fetch and pkg_add support.

Screenshots of various usage of the program can be found in here:

And the code is here:

Well, I hope someone finds it useful :)

P.S: If someone have any suggestions on how to improve it more - let me 
know :)


Marin Atanasov
dnaeon AT gmail DOT com
daemon AT unix-heaven DOT org

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