Only in, I'm having es_ES deadkey problems.

eculp eculp at
Fri Nov 28 05:36:41 PST 2008

I'm not sure when this started because I almost never open MS type  
docs and when I do it is only to read them.  Yesterday I found out,  
quite by accident, that everyone in our offices, is unable to use the  
deadkey accents for á é í ó ú etc but the ñ works fine so it seems to  
be limited to the dead keys.  I'm writing this in KDE ( all deadkeys  
work as expected in all kde apps) in term windows, even in ttyv[0.7]  
so it seems to be 100% openoffice centric.

The Spanish spell check works fine and a cut and paste of an accented  
vowel works fine ( the current local work around).

Has anyone else seen this and found a configuration or build option  
that I'm missing?  Should I open a PR?  I did try and  
the same problem plus I didn't see an obvious way to download the  
spelling wizard with it so I blew it away.



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