Boost 1.37 released!

Alexander Churanov alexanderchuranov at
Wed Nov 26 15:04:24 PST 2008

Hi folks!

This is a status update on porting boost-1.37. It is finished. Port builds,
installs and deinstalls correctly. Currently I have a patch and port
tarball. Files can be downloaded from:

boost-port-1_37_0.tar.bz2 -

devel-boost-from-1.34.1-to-1.37.diff.txt -

Unfortunately, I was unable to send a PR, because diff is about 1Mb -
devel/boost has too many files :-) Does anybody know how to request an
update like this?

How patch was tested:

1) verified that port builds, installs and cleanly deinstalls.
2) verified that port builds, installs and cleanly deinstalls with
"WITH_PYTHON=yes and WITH_PYSTE=yes" flags.

3) verified that some applications (my own works in progress) using 1.34
compile if 1.37 is installed. Applications use Boost.Assign, Boost.Bind,
Boost.Operators, Boost.PointerContainer, Boost.ProgramOptions, Boost.Range,
and Boost.Test libraries. This can be viewed as a very basic test for boost

What was not verified:

1) That devel/boost-build is usable.
2) That any application (from ports collection)  that depend on devel/boost
can be built with 1.37 version.

3) That boost regression suite executes successfully. Actually, at present
it's not clear how to perform this, I have problems with running boost
regression testing suite. Probably, it is possible to discuss this with
boost developers.

Alexander Churanov

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