FreeBSD Port: kaffeine-0.8.7

Axel Burwitz axel.burwitz at
Wed Nov 26 09:48:24 PST 2008

Hi Arved,

lme@ directed me from Forum to you for help in:

  - DVB interface in FreeBSD / Kaffeine -

with help from the maintainer of CX88 I finally made it to get a Hauppauge  
WinTV-HVR 1300 with CX88-driver support up and running in FreeBSD (written  
a HowTo in
Can scan channel and capture DVB-T with cx88 now.

Now I tried to use Kaffeine, as recommended for DVB, as a viewer, but it  
doesn't work at all. Kaffeine doesn't find the device.

My postings in the kaffeine-user ML showed that it looks like there is a  
completely different interfacing in FreeBSD than in Linux.
(can that be true?)

During analysis I was asked about the expected dvb device


but at least in my FreeBSD installation there are only three devices

cx88mpeg0 is the device I can use with cx88 for capturing and it works...

The guy in the kaffeine-user ML was wondering even how I was able to  
compile Kaffeine in FreeBSD... But: that was no problem at all.

best regards

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