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Mon Nov 24 03:06:08 PST 2008

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/129124            Maxmind now charges for update
f ports/129123            [PATCH] japanese/ctags: update to 5.7j1
f ports/129086            [patch] Update port audio/ventrilo-server to 3.0.3
o ports/129069            [UPDATE] www/asterisk-gui to 2.0.4
f ports/129063            Update math/R to version 2.8.0
o ports/129043            Experimental version of net/poptop in FreeBSD ports
o ports/129042            net/poptop Segmentation fault () from use options [-h]
o ports/128952            [NEW PORT] java/javadb: Sun's supported distribution o
o ports/128846            New port: sysutils/linux-megacli2 - LSI MegaRAID SAS c
f ports/128753            update www/linux-flashplugin9
o ports/128726            [NEW PORT] print/lyx16: Document processor interfaced 
f ports/128703            net/isc-dhcp40-client and net/isc-dhcp40-relay refer t
o ports/128603            textproc/flex has too small capacity
o ports/128558            New ports: emulators/sdlmame-devel
f ports/128537            [patch] databases/rrdtool add missing font runtime dep
f ports/128521            [patch] devel/icu build failed on TestFormatRelative
f ports/128513            [PATCH] Fixed editors/emacs-devel for non-GTK support
f ports/128490            net/freenx port does not work properly on freebsd-7 st
f ports/128489            [PATCH] mail/sympa5 update to 5.4.3
o ports/128384            new port x11/xorg-minimal
f ports/128323            Update of ports/x11-fonts/terminus-font
f ports/128288            sysutils/hpacucli does not work
f ports/128271            biology/ncbi-toolkit - blastall segfaults when output 
f ports/128142            update net/ekiga to 3.0.0 to fit GNOME 2.24
f ports/128141            update net/opal to 3.4.1 to fit GNOME 2.24
o ports/128140            update devel/pwlib to 2.4.1 to fit GNOME 2.24
f ports/128082            sysutils/megarc binary causes memory corruption
f ports/128074            multimedia/mplayer does not play CSS encrypted DVDs
f ports/128048            www/mod_proxy_html port installs broken configuration
f ports/127995            net/isc-dhcp3-server creates a user/group with dynamic
f ports/127905            science/gramps: installation and runtime problems with
f ports/127854            [PATCH] databases/couchdb: update to 0.8.1
o ports/127851            Port update: multimedia/libdvdnav-mplayer - Update to 
f ports/127810            print/hplip 2.8.2 can't talk to my usnb printer (HP PS
o ports/127728            ports/games/freebsd-games doesn't build, and larn(6) s
f ports/127675            [patch] net/nss_ldap version 259, with fix for pw_{cha
f ports/127513            mail/dcc-dccd sets home to /var/dcc even if you didn' 
o ports/127321            japanese/kon2-16dot: buffer overflow and mouse bugs
f ports/127302            security/swatch: swatch-3.2.1_1 multiple issues
f ports/127259            [update] devel/jude-community to 5.3
f ports/127181            audio/musicpd logs warning
s ports/127087            mail/bincimap port does not include an rc.d file
o ports/126905            Update port: audio/libmtp to version 0.3.1
o ports/126890            port update: lang/cmucl
o ports/126674            New port: print/latex-babel
o ports/126655            java/jboss4 can not take standard parameter "-b host_n
s ports/126577            [Update]graphics/qgis:update to 0.11.0
f ports/126518            Unbroke archivers/lzo2 on i386
f ports/126322            [patch] sysutils/fusefs-kmod: Make install location co
f ports/126228            [PATCH] mail/courier: new version 0.60.0
f ports/126161            security/bsp_upektfmess does not work on 7.0
o ports/126151            [NEW PORT] security/p5-Bro-devel: Perl module for scri
o ports/126150            [NEW PORT] security/broccoli-devel: The Bro Client Com
o ports/126148            [NEW PORT] security/bro-devel: System for detecting Ne
f ports/126058            net/generic-nqs fails to compile
f ports/126055            x11-toolkits/p5-Tk - segmentation fault running perl-t
f ports/125960            sysutils/syscp lacks of chattr/chflags
f ports/125783            New port: www/vulture - A HTTP reverse proxy for your 
o ports/125719            shells/pdksh, zombie process's occouring on SMP Machin
o ports/125714            [patch] www/httptunnel: users not added
f ports/125362            New port: devel/ocaml-lwt (cooperative threading libra
o ports/125324            editors/the (3.2) looses cursor when compiled with PDC
o ports/125201            audio/aqualung crashes
o ports/124905            new port: databases/sqlitejdbc 051
o ports/124597            [NEW PORT] net/callweaver: Fork of the popular Open So
o ports/124548            net/mDNSResponder port incompatible with gnome desktop
f ports/124238            sysutils/heartbeat: patch request
f ports/123424            [NEW PORT] net/winexe
o ports/123247            linux-firefox and linux-seamonkey from multiple users
o ports/123239            New port: graphics/diamondbox Layer based photo editor
f ports/122276            Compiled audio/musicpd segfaults on FreeBSD 7.0
o ports/121831            [PATCH] net/openbgpd: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
o ports/121325            Xorg crashes when x11-wm/xcompmgr is running
o ports/121259            New port: net/openamq OpenAMQ is a complete AMQP messa
o ports/121050            New port: sysutils/heartbeat2 Linux High-Availability 
f ports/120788            update ports/net/openospfd to 4.2 and fix multiple p2p
o ports/119183            [NEW PORT] net/freeradius-client: FreeRADIUS Client li
f ports/118877            audio/streamripper does not detect song title from str
f ports/116385            net/vnc using crashes Xorg 7.3 when remote comp
f ports/115304            multimedia/gpac-mp4box cannot import files larger than
o ports/108795            ports/icc: Proposed update to icc port for intel compi
f ports/107304            print/apsfilter does not print PDF to raw PostScript p
o amd64/104311            ports/wine should be installable on amd64
s ports/85513             Intel C++ compiler not 100% binary compatible with sys

84 problems total.

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