machine for master building of ports and other tid bits

Andrew awd at
Fri Nov 21 23:55:13 PST 2008

Hi there,

We have a number of boxes running anything from PIII 733's to AMD64 
We are looking to have a machine or 2 dedicated to building all the 
ports and other bits and pieces and then pkg them or what have you so 
that the production boxes just install the packages or what have you 
with the least amount of down time.

My questions are this:
What sort of box should I use for the 'master' builder box, ie a PIII or 
any other box ie say an amd64 5000+ running an i386 version.
Also I assume we'll need a separate box for the machines running amd64 
kernel, would that be correct?

TIA for your replies :)


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