Reccomendation for ports for web based club events forthcoming diary ?

Julian Stacey jhs at
Mon Nov 17 12:30:17 PST 2008

Hi ports@,
Can anyone reccomend some ports to install on a FreeBSD web server,
for a club of mostly non technical people, to support:
  - All club members can add events to a forthcoming calendar,
  - All club members can request server to prepare a listing 
    of next next upcoming events, to download (probably in PDF,
    or perhaps tbl to a pipe or ?
  - A list of moderators can delete fake events from robots & the malicious.
  - Preferably moderators should not themselves be capable of
    deleting logged event submission, but only capable of deleting
    events formatted to the ouput printable programme sheet. (To
    autopsy for suspect rogue moderators)
  - I guess first entry criteria might be a fuzzy picture for human
    to decode password from). 2nd might be mail return for confirm password,
  - & 3rd, A majordomo (later mailman) maintained list of club members & 
    moderators etc is available for automated validation.
  - I hope there will be some packages available,
    http & probably wiki based etc, that will come close enough ?
I'm hoping this has been done often enough that people can suggest
names of ports already existing ? If not I dont mind creating a
port if I have to, but dont want to write something from scratch.

- I've had apache up for years, but no wiki yet, so if any tips,
  shout please, even if just TFM URL=.... :-)
- Web based forums I don't care about, but others may, so I suppose if some
  software does & does not support web forums, it'd be good to know.
- Please keep me "Julian Stacey" <jhs at> cc'd as I'm not on ports@

Suggestions welcome please ! Thanks in advance.

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