Another VIA UniChrome/Chrome9 Driver

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Tue Nov 11 23:46:10 PST 2008

Robert Noland wrote:

> Ok, I spoke to a couple of the unichrome developers and my patch isn't
> quite right, but it is close enough for you to test.  It seems that the
> openchrome driver needs to match not only the chip id, but the card id
> also.  It apparently needs this to know what ports to enable (panel,
> crt).  Both your chip id and board were there, but not in the right
> combination.  I have a proper patch for your board now, which has also
> been committed to openchromes svn repo...
> robert.

Thank you for your patience.

With your patch,
Xorg can work on my laptop one-off. That is, for the first time I start
Xorg, it works well. For the second time, my laptop go to die. Maybe
it is because I'm using 8.0-CURRENT in order to debug my USB drivers.
And even for the first time, HWCursor doesn't work, which makes me
have to enable SWCursor.

Just before I read some codes in openchrome, xf86-video-via and the one
on I guess in the past years, VIA and OpenChrome
probably borrowed codes from each other.

Now, I propose that the driver from needs to be pushed
into the port tree of FreeBSD. After all, it is an alternative choice for

I adore you and other developpers of OpenChrome very much. But after all
you are doing hacking and/or reverse engineering. And the information
about VIA chips that you have got is seriously inequal to what VIA
know about itself.

By the way, I have tested MPEG-2 decoding of VIA chips on all products
in my hands (PM890, CN700 and CN896). The result disappointed me very
much. I put much hope on CN896, the best one of them. I found
Fedora Core 5 after long searching on the Internet here and there,
and then configured Xorg with the driver from VIA (the last one on the

This driver is the only one that fully supports MPEG-2 decoder as far
as I found. After compiling VeMP (,
I wished CN896 could play HDTV (1920x1080) MPEG-2 materials smoothly.
But actually, in my testing, CN896 could only play materials at 1440x810
(from ,
reencoded to MPEG-2 with MEncoder at nearly the same bit rate) with a
little lag. And just as described in VeMP's documentation, occasionally
the machine died while playing.

                                                From Beijing, China

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