jakarta-tomcat v.s. tomcat

Gábor Kövesdán gabor at FreeBSD.org
Mon Nov 10 22:44:20 PST 2008

Yoshihiro Ota escribió:
> Hello, forks.
> There are 2 directories for apache-tomcat like the following.
> % ls -d */*tomcat*
> java/eclipse-sysdeo-tomcat      www/tomcat41
> www/jakarta-tomcat4             www/tomcat55
> www/jakarta-tomcat5             www/tomcat6
> www/tomcat-native
> When I diffed ver. 5 dirs, they looked similar except versions.
> Does anyone know the differences between jakarta-tomcat and tomcat under the ports?
Afaik, it used to be known as Jakarta-Tomcat, but its new name is 
Tomcat. If you observe it well www/tomcat41 and www/tomcat55 are much 
newer version than www/jakarta-tomcat4 and www/jakarta-tomcat5 and there 
isn't even www/jakarta-tomcat6. I suggest you should just use 
www/tomcat6. I'm also planning to use it and I succeeded to install it 
without problems and I can reach it through the port 8180.

Gabor Kovesdan

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