help on strange plist problem

Guido Falsi mad at
Fri Nov 7 13:00:08 PST 2008

Greg Larkin wrote:
> Looking at the port Makefile, I see this:
> PLIST_FILES=    bin/pokerth %%DATADIR%%/pokerth share/pixmaps/pokerth.png
> Those will be the only files deinstalled when the port is deinstalled.
> If the port installs a bunch of other files in ${DATADIR}, as reported
> by QAT, I don't believe they will be deinstalled.
> Are you positive that the ${DATADIR} directory is removed on the i386
> platform?  From the list of files reported by QAT, it makes sense to
> remove PLIST_FILES from the Makefile and create a pkg-plist file.

I'm positive about this for i386. I checked it twice at home and at work.

I'll anyway make a static plist. Will submit a PR in the next few days.

> I've had great success using the ports-mgmt/genplist port to
> automatically generate the pkg-plist file.

I'll try it, but in this case the plist will be quite easy to make. Just 
a bunch of files in a directory.

I found the port already in this condition and I thought it was ok. Now 
That I know it has problems I'll fix those.

Guido Falsi <mad at>

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