FreeBSD Port: p5-GD-SecurityImage-1.66,1

Benat Dagorret lists at
Fri Nov 7 09:20:26 PST 2008


I'm writing a webapp that uses the Catalyst::Plugin::Captcha module,
which depends on GD::SecurityImage. 

As far as I understand the GD::SecurityImage documentation, using the
ImageMagick backend is optional : the module needs to be loaded only if
GD::SecurityImage is "required" by other modules. 

So, my question is whether it would be possible to include an option in
the GD::SecurityImage Makefile to allow the user build the port without
ImageMagick. Or am I missing a way to do that with the current port ? 
(I use FreeBSD RELEASE 7.0).

Thanks for the great work to the FreeBSD developers and maintainers.


Benat Dagorret

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