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Ivan Voras ivoras at freebsd.org
Wed Nov 5 14:49:53 PST 2008


I'll probably have some time in the next few days to work on pkg_trans
again, but first I'd like to get some input on the whole thing. The last
time I talked about it I've made code available but I've received no

More information on pkg_trans can be found in the list archives or on
these pages:


Those pages also carry links to the code.

I'm not a ports committer and I don't want to tell people who are how to
work on their project but I think pkg_trans is important enough that it
should require a policy decision - if it's accepted, pkg_trans should go
into the base system. I know that there are utilities than can do some
or all of what I've planned for pkg_trans but one important point of
pkg_trans is that it should be integrated into the regular base package
infrastructure, not requiring external utilities, runtimes or libraries.

Some implementation notes:

* I've avoided changes to the base utilities. A separate utility,
pkg_trans, is called by the transaction-aware utilities
* Client-side utilities are added to the pkg_install library (lib.h, etc.)
* Transaction records are kept as text files. I think it would have been
significantly better if sqlite was used but there was great opposition
to importing sqlite into the base system the last time I brought it up
so this is the last mention of it (in context of pkg_trans :) )
* If it's accepted, I'll maintain this addition to the utilities (of
course, everyone's invited to contribute). I'll also be a regular user
of these features - I created pkg_trans because I want the functionality
on my systems.
* For the pkg_trans to be effective, it requires slight modifications to
the ports Makefile infrastructure (basically, the "install" and
"deinstall" targets should be aware of transactions) and external ports
utilities (like portupgrade), which I can't do myself.

If there's interest in finishing pkg_trans, now's the time to discuss it :)

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