Call for testers: MythTV 0.21 port upgrade

David La Croix dlacroix at
Sat Nov 1 20:43:14 PDT 2008

FYI:   I've got a SiliconDust HDHomerun (Just got it).   I've been
able to get it streaming video to vlc and have been dieing to try
mythtv with it.   (Haven't set up a Linux server yet).

System is 6.3 -- i386.     I had to deinstall the ffmpeg port also.
I also had install problems due to an old version of MySQL being
installed...   After upgrading, it seems to be working.

I just have some minor issues with viewing the HD channels live on my
system (AMD Sempron64 3000, which I thought was fast enough) ...   The
only other system I've tried to view it on is a P4 laptop with Ubuntu
...    The issues I'm seeing are probably due to setup issues with
Mythtv (this is the first I've played with it), but I can watch live
tv on any of the Standard def channels ...   High def channels like to
stutter, and I'm not clear if it's a problem with the network card
(vr) in my FreeBSD server or the playback on my client machine.

It seems to be picking up the EIT channel guide from the broadcast no problem.

Only real complaint I have about the port (now that it's installed) is
that it runs the backend as root if you set it up to start from

On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 4:05 PM, Greg Larkin <glarkin at> wrote:
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> Hello everyone,
> I've been working on PR 126343
> ( to get MythTV
> upgraded to 0.21 on FreeBSD.
> At the moment, I have a port that compiles cleanly, installs, starts up
> the frontend and deinstalls correctly on 7.0.  Of course, whether it
> will actually record TV, playback, etc. is another matter altogether. :)
> Is anyone out there willing to test out the port upgrade? I have a
> mini-ITX PC here that could be set up for testing, but I need to get a
> capture card first, unless MythTV will work with a USB capture dongle.
> In the mean time, I've placed the ports tree patch here:
> If you're game, download it, cd to the top of your ports tree and run:
> patch -E < /patch/download/dir/mythtv-0.21.diff
> You should then remove the *.orig files in the multimedia/mythtv/files
> directory.
> Bug reports, port improvements and all feedback are welcome.  I've also
> adopted the port and hope to incorporate any suggestions sent my way.
> Thank you,
> Greg
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